10 Off-Site SEO Strategies for Your Online Store

10 Off-Site SEO Strategies for Your Online Store

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Growing trends and marketing novelties do not leave behind the role and importance of SEO. It continues to be an inseparable part of all types of online businesses when it comes to online store marketing.

Search engine optimization is a valuable source and a number one factor for attracting organic traffic to your store by increasing website visibility in search engine ranking pages. Organic traffic is extremely important for your sales and conversions. Here the significant role of eCommerce ranking becomes more vital.

Any marketing campaign makes use of important tools among which On-site and Off-site SEO are included.

What is Off-site SEO?

Taking SEO in general, the first thing that comes to your mind is high ranking, website visibility and organic traffic. However, going deeper, you will see that SEO demands a little more attention, wider thinking as well as the implementation of different approaches and strategies. In comparison to on-page SEO, off-site SEO ranking factors occur outside of your website. Although link building is a major part of, it is not only that. Taking general, it is the continual improvement process for getting the image of a qualified, trustworthy and reputable website for search engines and its users. It becomes possible by getting quality links from authority websites, having many shares of your interesting contents, creating polls, discussions, getting votes, (i.e. in social media platforms), etc.

All those mentioned above demand different well-thought tactics and strategies. Let us have a look at some effectiveoff-site SEO strategies that are worth using for your online store:

1.    Solid Internal Linking Strategy

While the process of linking one page to another in the same website can seem simple, it is not so. Like other marketing strategies, internal linking also demands proper attention and working tactics to rank high in search engines and get more traffic. It is a very important part of your website reputation as well as search engine ranking, as search engines tend to give preferences to pages, which content includes valuable links. Besides, it gives an overall image of your website structure and navigation.  A solid strategy of internal linking will build trust towards your website. Besides, it will help your website users to get detailed information.

2.    Have High-Quality Links from Authority Websites

Growing trends do not decrease the role and importance of content inonline store marketing. How many times have you read this sentence?You need to have quality and relevant content”. Of course, many. The reason is that without it you can stop thinking of high ranking. Besides, your content should contain backlinks from authority websites. In this case, the link brings more value and increases the credibility of your website. The reason is that people trust websites related to informative and trustworthy links. Poor-quality links can harm your overall business performance. A good strategy will surely help you make great connections, gain the trust of search engine algorithms and avoid penalty.

3.    Relevant, High-quality, Unique Content is a Must

Each of you knows that SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. It means that high ranking is not possible if you make use of duplicate, poor and useless content. It plays a key role for not only ranking and visibility, but your sales and conversions as well. First, people get information through content. The more informative, descriptive and unique your content is, the higher chances of attracting valuable traffic will be. Besides, your content makes you different from your competitors. By outlining your advantages in your content and showing your strongest points, you not only appear in the first pages of SERPs but also target your users to make sales.

4.    Strong Social Media Presence and Engagement

Creating a page in social media channels is not enough for having an effective presence and improving sales. You need to calculate everything and cultivate strong strategies to make that presence work for you. Millions of people use social media for different purposes; that is the reason you need to appear in the right place at the right time.

An effective social media presence can bring you success and help to recognize your buyers and their likes and dislikes. For this reason, you need to follow some important things that will promise you success:

  • Be active in comments or discussions and never ignore your customer’s queries, complaints and feedback
  • Discover and Understand your audience
  • Share your content with your target market

5.    Target Long-tail Keywords

Gone are the days when keywords have been the most important part of SEO ranking. However, this does not mean that they are not important and you need not make use of effective keywords. Of course, no. Just the opposite. You need to change your keyword strategies and make use of the ones that you think will attract more valuable traffic. In this case, long-tail keywords are among the best options. Why?

If you use long-tail keywords, you put the searcher closer to their target, and the chances that your website will appear in the results is more possible. Growing trends have made voice search the most common way of searching. Here, the importance of long-tail keywords becomes more significant.

6.    Be Active in Discussion Boards

Comments, likes, shares… People are active in public discussions. They comment on your content, bring ideas, read about other’s experiences, in short, they like to share opinions. However, what they expect more is getting responses from the seller itself. This can bring your website a reputation that you will never expect. How?

Nothing can build stronger trust than the feeling that the business owner cares about your opinion. No matter if it is a positive or a negative one, a question that you have answered several times: each of the customers is unique and needs a unique approach. Brief answers can build trust, increase brand reputation as well as strengthen relationships with your customers.

7.    Give Clear Answers in Question-Answer Websites

Many merchants give little attention to this type of websites, thinking that they will never bring you valuable traffic. However, this is a platform where people expect to get information. Why not give that information yourself and target them first? It will help you to stay closer to your customer’s needs and demands and cover them as soon as possible. Besides, with active and informative answers you will manage to attract other people’s attention as well. In most cases, people use such type of websites for not only sharing information but also finding experts that are willing to help. It will help you to gain a competitive advantage towards your competitors.

8.    Pay Attention to All Type of Search Engine Ranking Factors

Since SEO is an ongoing process, its requirements, ranking factors continue to be improved and changed all the time. For not staying ahead of the competition, you need to think of every small factor that can leave an impact on your website ranking. For this, you need to be aware to all types of changes, continually conduct SEO audits, examine the online marketplace and make a competitive analysis. Remember, building a website ranking is hard, so you need to avoid any type of actions that can harm your website performance. Try to keep up with the latest changes and improvements, as it is the base of valuable traffic.

9.    Always Check Broken Links

Imagine a situation! You enter a website to get information and follow a link that does not work. It is a waste of time and a sign of an unreliable website, isn’t it? An error that appears while clicking a link is a sign that the certain website is not available. This is somehow connected with website quality and leaves a negative impact on your website ranking. Fortunately, there are thousands of ways of fixing broken links. If you manage to audit your links and fix them, you get positive user experience, which is among the most important reasons for getting high sales and conversion rates.

10. Make Use of Videos

Among the most effective and fastest ways of building a successful business, you can use video marketing in your strategies. It tends to become a winning tool for many business owners, as the videos are an inseparable part of people’s life. Modern-day society gives its preference to both voice and view, which video marketing allows. It is one of the best ways of communicating to your target audience.


Optimizing websites and bringing valuable traffic to your website become possible if you make use of working strategies and pay proper attention to both On- and Off-Page SEO. Taking into consideration all the working tactics you can create a great plan bringing your website boosting sales and high-quality traffic. Hence, being an integral part of the website optimization process, off-page SEO can bring your business success if you find them and make use of its working and effective tactics for your business.


Tigran is a marketing and creative content specialist at Smarketa.com with a primary focus on SEO, PPC and customer satisfaction for eCommerce business. Being a true humanist he draws inspiration from the simple thing as everyday life and the matters one come across on a daily basis doing his best and above to help everyone around.

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